Golden Goose Digest: Winter 2023-2024

Golden Goose Digest: Winter 2023-2024

12 February 2024
~ 5 min

Howdy, partners! This is another iteration of the Golden Goose digest brought to you by the joint effort of the entire team.

While redesigning our blog, we decided to get back to this format after a short break, because it’s important to stay connected to the affiliates choosing GG Network, as everything we do is targeted at you. And the more you are immersed into the mVAS world’s happenings, the more profitable your campaigns get. 

Not that we’ve done any extensive research demonstrating the direct correlation of that, but it tends to work out for most areas of our lives, so why not stick with such an approach here. Besides, being one of the few networks dedicated to mVAS puts us in a special spot where we just have to spread the word about this awesome vertical. And we be spreaddin’.

+40% increase in traffic volume compared to the beginning of 2024

So, what’s been happening in the industry and at Golden Goose lately? Let’s dive in to find out!

GG Platform Update

Lately, the Golden Goose platform has gone through some major changes. It all started several months back with the personalization update, and continued with the UI overhaul at the very end of 2023. Our updated offer catalog not only shows the best EPC rating of the offer, but also analyzes the topics and GEO of the partner campaigns, showing the most relevant offers.

These changes allow our partners to choose the right offers and launch effective mVAS campaigns more easily. There are more updates currently in the works, and the next one will focus on the UX from the offer provider’s perspective.

GG Promos

In December we held a traditional annual event where partners had to collect golden eggs to win valuable prizes. The winners shared more than $5000 in cash prizes credited to their balances.

We’ve also hosted a brand new promo themed after the Chinese New Year with increased payout rates for top Asian offers. By the way, happy Lunar New Year!

Traffic & GEOs

Here are the traffic and GEO trends that started in December and continue to delight us with their growth:

  • Ethiopia. More than 35 active and traffic-packed lendings, 10 exclusive advertisers and simple flows resulted in a 3-fold revenue increase.
  • We’ve connected new offer providers in Nigeria, which have already outperformed the others in traffic volumes.
  • We’ve recently got the highest paying offers (up to $0.8) in Indonesia.Note that these offers are private, so contact your manager for more information on them and access.
  • South Africa now has a ton of new offers you can find only at Golden Goose Network? both mainstream and adult. These are also private, so get in touch with your manager.
  • Effective collaboration with the market’s top advertiser on Pakistan’s sweep offers allowed Golden Goose to grow volumes twofold in the span of two winter months.
  • The CIS market also does not stand still, this winter we signed a contract for promotion of new services and our partners already feel the benefits of cooperation with Golden Goose.
We’ve reached a milestone of 100 000 affiliates registered on the GG platform!

GG in Affiliate Events

Golden Goose has really spread its wings to visit as many offline events as possible. Here is our selection of the latest reports:

I-CON 2023



2024 is already packed full of industry events, so we’re going to continue spreading the word about our business by attending them all, starting with TES Affiliate Conference, Telemedia 8.1, Affiliate World Dubai and SIGMA Affiliates this February.

If you want to have a personal meeting at any of the upcoming events, feel free to book a time slot on our website (you can find the application forms for each event in the footer).

Book a meeting

GG Annual Team Trip

This year’s trip took Golden Goose to the sunny land of Uzbekistan. Feel free to relive 4 days of sightseeing, late night parties and tasty food together with our team here.

GG Blog Updates

Besides the major design overhaul, we’ve had quite a few posts on our blog worth your attention, including case studies and educational pieces.






What’s the plan for 2024?

Golden Goose’s notable success in 2023 is attributed to its expansion in Asia and Africa. The Asian region, comprising Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Philippines, and Cambodia, witnessed significant growth. Our catalog includes various services and exclusive landing pages tailored to the specific interests of these countries.

Moreover, Golden Goose experienced remarkable growth in Ethiopia and Nigeria, assisting affiliates in staying ahead in ad networks in terms of traffic. The high-converting offers in these regions have played a crucial role in the company’s success.

Among one of the major new prospects for Golden Goose is developing Google ads as an effective traffic source for mVAS offers. You can expect dedicated solutions catering to media buyers, direct offers from providers with customized API, and increased payout rates — all with 100% guaranteed account security. We also plan to provide funds for testing to attract more Google ad experts to the platform.

So, in 2024 we’re aiming to go bigger and better, and if you don’t want to miss important updates, follow us on all our socials and join the community of high-ranking mVAS affiliates!

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