Case Study: Explosive Profits from a Bangladeshi Pin Submit Campaign

Case Study: Explosive Profits from a Bangladeshi Pin Submit Campaign

15 September 2023
~ 3 min

In the ever-evolving landscape of affiliate marketing, success stories that highlight exceptional performance and ROI stand out as beacons of inspiration for marketers and advertisers.

Thanks AI, very cool and original intro!

Anyway, we’ve got a real deal for you today. A stellar case study that made everyone at Golden Goose go “We need this on our blog!”

So, we’ve reached out to the mastermind behind it, and he turned out to be an awesome guy who was kind enough to share the details of his mad success story. Let’s get to it.

Quick Campaign Details

You probably already know the results of this run, but we’ll repeat just in case.

Whopping $1900 in 7 days!

Do we need to say anything more for you to start your journey with the ultimate mVAS network, Golden Goose?

Right, the deets. This campaign ran the offer ID 11666, which is a mainstream video subscription service for Bangladesh. Sadly, this offer is no longer available, but we’ve got tons of similar offers that convert just as well. All you need to do is to open the OfferWall and filter by the «Mainstream», «Video» and «Bangladesh» tags.

An example of such offer’s LP

As for the traffic source, our friend was using PropellerAds pops initially, and then scaled up with push traffic and mixed in some other sources.

Bangladesh is unrivaled when it comes to big volumes of traffic, and if you set your campaign mVAS correctly, you can earn massively in this GEO. Consider the following BD offers available on our platform:

Bangladesh Mainstream Games 1

Bangladesh Mainstream Games 2

Bangladesh Mainstream Games 3

Key Stats of the Campaign:

Affiliate network: Golden Goose Period: 7 days
GEO: Bangladesh Cost: $3550.68
Vertical: Mainstream Revenue: $5454.32
Category: Video Profit: $1903.65
Traffic source: Propellerads, and more for scaling ROI: 53.61%
Advertising format: Pop (and push for further scaling) CPA: $0.18
Flow: Pin submit CR: 1.5

Running the Campaign

Further down you will see how the campaign went first-hand with the screenshots and comments from our partner.

The offer permitted Wi-Fi traffic as well as traffic from all mobile carriers, with the exception of Grameenphone. After running the campaign for several hours, we can now analyze the performance of various carriers in greater detail.

In addition, I conducted tests comparing prelanders to direct linking, with the latter demonstrating significantly more prominent results, showcasing an impressive return on investment (ROI).

Some crucial notes to highlight include the campaign’s initial launch with pop traffic on Propellerads, followed by successful scaling efforts involving other types of traffic (push) and diversification across multiple traffic sources, as demonstrated in the subsequent data.

And here are the stats on the Golden Goose platform.


As you can see, this hugely successful campaign took only a cool, calm and collected approach with a bit of testing to become a big W for our friend here. $1900+ is no joke, especially in such a short span of time. Notice how Direct Linking has been used and worked wonders, we will definitely write more on this method in the future.

If you want to share a personal success story with everyone, just message your affiliate manager for instructions, and we promise that you won’t leave empty-handed 😉

Stay tuned for the updates on our blog, and start earning like a hero with the opportunities presented at Golden Goose!

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