Network or Advertiser: Which to Choose in mVAS?

Network or Advertiser: Which to Choose in mVAS?

19 April 2024
~ 11 min

Are you weighing the benefits of joining a CPA network against the potential gains of working directly with advertisers in the mVAS vertical? This article will provide a comprehensive comparison of these two approaches, helping you understand the nuances and benefits of each.

By detailing the advantages and challenges inherent to both joining a network like Golden Goose and direct advertiser collaborations, we aim to equip you with the insights needed to make an informed decision that maximizes the effectiveness of your mVAS campaigns.

Golden Goose stands at the forefront of CPA networks specializing in mVAS. With a robust track record and a deep understanding of mobile marketing dynamics, Golden Goose equips affiliates with high-performing offers, cutting-edge tools, and unparalleled support designed to maximize your returns in this competitive market.

Understanding CPA Networks

A Cost Per Action (CPA) network acts as an intermediary between affiliates who want to monetize their traffic and advertisers seeking to promote their products or services. By joining a CPA network, affiliates gain access to a curated list of offers from various advertisers that are already vetted for quality and profitability. This structure allows affiliates to focus on optimizing their traffic strategies without the complexities of direct negotiations with advertisers.

Benefits of CPA Networks

  • Access to a Wide Variety of Offers: CPA networks provide affiliates with a diverse range of advertising offers across different sectors, including mVAS, which are difficult to access independently.
  • Pre-negotiated Rates and Terms: Networks leverage their volume of affiliates to negotiate favorable terms that might be unattainable for an individual affiliate dealing directly with advertisers.
  • Reliable Tracking and Payment Systems: CPA networks invest in advanced technology to ensure accurate tracking of actions and timely payments, safeguarding affiliates against discrepancies in reporting and financial transactions.
  • Timely Payouts, Including Daily Options: Many CPA networks, including Golden Goose, offer flexible payment terms that can range from weekly to daily payouts, accommodating various forms of payment methods to meet the diverse needs of affiliates globally.
  • Support and Resources: Networks offer dedicated support teams and resources such as training and market insights, which are invaluable, especially for those new to the mVAS sector or looking to scale their operations.

Challenges of CPA Networks

  • Lower Margins Due to Network Fees: While CPA networks streamline many aspects of affiliate marketing, they also take a cut of the earnings as compensation for their services, which can mean slightly lower margins for the affiliates.
  • Less Direct Control: Affiliates working through CPA networks have less control over the campaign specifics like target audience and ad placement because these parameters are often dictated by the network in accordance with advertiser agreements.

Why Golden Goose Stands Out

As a specialized CPA network in the mVAS sector, Golden Goose not only offers all the standard benefits of traditional CPA networks but also provides enhanced services tailored specifically to the dynamics of mobile marketing. This includes access to exclusive mVAS offers, sophisticated analytics tools, and proactive account management aimed at maximizing the ROI for each affiliate.

Working Directly with Advertisers

Working directly with advertisers involves affiliates forging individual partnerships with companies to promote their products or services. This model allows for direct negotiation of terms, rates, and campaign specifics, providing a more hands-on approach to managing mVAS campaigns. It requires a deeper understanding of market trends, audience targeting, and negotiation skills, as affiliates take on the full responsibility of campaign execution and management.


  • Higher Potential Revenue per Action: Without a middleman, affiliates often receive higher payouts directly from advertisers, as there are no network fees reducing the margins.
  • Direct Communication and Relationship Building: Engaging directly with advertisers enables affiliates to build strong, personal relationships, which can lead to better understanding, trust, and potentially more favorable deals and exclusive offers.
  • More Control Over Campaigns: Affiliates have complete control over every aspect of their campaigns, from targeting strategies to creative development, allowing for highly customized marketing efforts that may yield better results.
  • Customization and Flexibility: Direct deals often allow for greater flexibility in how campaigns are run, including customizing offers and adapting quickly to changing market conditions or performance feedback.


  • Requires More Resources: Managing direct relationships requires more time and effort, including resources for negotiation, contract management, and ongoing communication.
  • Higher Risk and Responsibility: Affiliates are fully responsible for due diligence and compliance, which adds a layer of risk. There’s also the potential for financial instability if an advertiser fails to fulfill payment obligations.
  • Limited Access to Diverse Offers: Without the network’s aggregation of multiple offers, affiliates might find it challenging to diversify their portfolio or access a broad range of mVAS opportunities.
  • Bureaucratic Challenges: Often, direct dealings with big companies involve navigating complex bureaucracies. Affiliates typically rank lower in priority compared to other large corporate partners, making it challenging to secure attention and resources, and potentially leading to slower decision-making and longer wait times for issue resolution.


For affiliates with the capacity to manage direct relationships, this approach can be incredibly rewarding, offering higher margins and more control over their business. However, it demands a significant commitment and a solid understanding of the mVAS market to leverage the opportunities effectively.

Comparing the Two Models

When deciding whether to join a CPA network or to work directly with advertisers, affiliates must consider various factors based on their individual capabilities, resources, and business goals. Let’s compare the two models head-on:

Efficiency and Ease of Use

CPA Networks: These networks offer a plug-and-play approach where affiliates can easily select offers and start campaigns quickly. The support and infrastructure provided by networks like Golden Goose make it particularly efficient for affiliates who want to minimize operational complexities and focus more on scaling their campaigns.

Direct Relationships: Working directly often involves more setup time and continuous management. The efficiency of this approach depends heavily on the affiliate’s skill in handling negotiations and managing partnerships.

Revenue Opportunities

CPA Networks: While the revenue per action might be lower due to network fees, the accessibility of diverse, pre-vetted offers can lead to a more consistent income stream. Networks also often provide optimized campaign strategies that help maximize earnings from available offers.

Direct Relationships: This approach can potentially yield higher payouts per action since there are no intermediary fees. However, achieving this depends on the affiliate’s ability to secure favorable deals and manage campaigns effectively.

Risk Management

CPA Networks: Networks generally provide a layer of security for affiliates, handling the due diligence on advertisers and ensuring reliable payment systems. This reduces the risk of non-payment and compliance issues for the affiliate.

Direct Relationships: While offering greater revenue potential, this model carries higher risks, including the burden of vetting advertisers and the possibility of delayed payments or disputes.

Suitability for Different Types of Affiliates

CPA Networks: Ideal for both newcomers and experienced marketers who prefer a streamlined, less hands-on approach to affiliate marketing. Networks provide the tools and support necessary to grow without the need for extensive infrastructure.

Direct Relationships: Best suited for seasoned affiliates who have the capacity to manage complex negotiations and who prefer direct control over their marketing strategies. This model is often more demanding but can be more rewarding for those with the necessary expertise and resources.

Each model offers distinct advantages and challenges. CPA networks, like Golden Goose, are generally more user-friendly and less risky, making them a favorable choice for affiliates looking to efficiently scale their operations with reliable support. Direct relationships may appeal to those seeking higher control and potentially greater payouts but require a deeper commitment to managing various aspects of the business.

Why Choose Golden Goose?

Choosing the right CPA network can significantly impact the success of your mVAS campaigns. Golden Goose stands out in the crowded field of affiliate marketing for several compelling reasons:

Specialization in mVAS

Golden Goose is not just another CPA network; we specialize specifically in the mobile Value-Added Services sector. This focus allows us to offer our affiliates a deep understanding of the mVAS market dynamics, trends, and customer behaviors, which is crucial for crafting successful campaigns.

Access to Exclusive Offers

Our strong relationships with top advertisers in the mVAS industry mean that Golden Goose affiliates have access to exclusive offers that aren’t available on other networks. These unique opportunities provide a competitive edge and enhance potential earnings.

Advanced Tools and Technology

Golden Goose invests heavily in technology to ensure that our affiliates have the best tools at their disposal. This includes sophisticated tracking systems that provide real-time data analytics, enabling affiliates to optimize their campaigns effectively and maximize their ROI.

Proactive Support and Training

We pride ourselves on the level of support we offer to our affiliates. Whether you are just starting out or are looking to scale your existing operations, our team is here to provide guidance, training, and practical advice every step of the way. We ensure that our affiliates are well-equipped to succeed in the competitive landscape of mVAS marketing.

Reliable and Flexible Payment Options

Golden Goose understands the importance of cash flow for affiliates. That’s why we offer flexible payment options, including daily payouts, and support a wide range of payment methods. Our reliable payment systems ensure that you get paid on time, every time, which is crucial for maintaining the financial health of your business.

Community and Networking Opportunities

Joining Golden Goose gives you access to a community of like-minded professionals and industry experts. Networking with other affiliates can lead to valuable insights and strategies, further aiding your success.


To assist you further in your decision-making process, here are answers to some frequently asked questions about working with a CPA network like Golden Goose and navigating the mVAS marketing landscape.

  1. How quickly can I start earning with Golden Goose?

You can begin earning almost immediately after signing up with Golden Goose. Once your account is set up and approved, you can choose from a variety of offers and start your campaigns right away. And our advanced offer rating system will make the choosing process even easier.

  1. What support does Golden Goose offer to new affiliates?

Golden Goose provides comprehensive support to all our affiliates, regardless of experience level. This includes personalized onboarding, access to training resources, regular webinars on best practices, and a dedicated account manager to help you optimize your campaigns.

  1. Are there any minimum traffic requirements to join Golden Goose?

Golden Goose welcomes affiliates of all sizes, including those who are just starting out. We do not have strict minimum traffic requirements but do perform an evaluation to ensure that we can provide mutual value and support your growth.

  1. How does Golden Goose handle non-performing offers?

We continuously monitor offer performance across our network. If an offer does not perform well, we provide feedback and suggestions for improvement. In some cases, we may replace the offer with a more lucrative opportunity to help our affiliates maintain a high level of earnings.

  1. What makes Golden Goose different from other CPA networks?

Unlike many networks, Golden Goose specializes exclusively in the mVAS sector, providing our affiliates with unique insights and access to high-performing, exclusive offers. Our commitment to advanced technology, reliable payments, and exceptional affiliate support sets us apart in the industry.

  1. How often does Golden Goose update its offer portfolio?

We regularly update our offer portfolio to include new and exciting opportunities that reflect current market trends and consumer behaviors. This ensures that our affiliates have access to the most profitable and relevant offers in the industry.

  1. What are the payout options, their limits and commissions at Golden Goose?
  • WMZ: 0% commission, $20 min payout.
  • Paxum USD: 0% commission, $100 min payout.
  • Skrill USD: -4% commission, $20 min payout, $200 max payout.
  • Credit cards USD: -6% commission, $50 min payout, weekdays only.
  • Capitalist EUR : 0% commission, $20 min payout.
  • Capitalist USD: 0% commission, $5 min payout.
  • Capitalist RUB: -4% commission, ₽500 min payout.
  • Paypal USD: -3% commission.
  • Payoneer USD: -3% commission, $55 min payout.
  • Payoneer EUR: -3% commission, €55 min payout.
  • Wise USD: 0% commission, $100 min payout.
  • Tether (USDT) TRC20: -2 USDT from USD to USDT, the sum is calculated based on the current exchange rate, $22 min payout.
  • Tether (USDT) ERC20: -10 USDT from USD to USDT, the sum is calculated based on the current exchange rate, $30 min payout.
  • Perfect money: -0,5% commission, $50 min payout, $100$ max payout.
  • WIRE Transfer: 0% commission, $500 min payout.


As you navigate the dynamic and lucrative world of mobile Value-Added Services, consider the robust support and exceptional opportunities that Golden Goose offers. Specializing in mVAS, our CPA network provides not just a diverse array of high-performing offers but also advanced tools, detailed analytics, and personalized support designed to maximize your profitability and ease your operations. Join Golden Goose to leverage our expertise and resources, and take a significant step forward in achieving your affiliate marketing goals in this competitive sector.

Join Golden Goose now to launch your first profitable mVAS campaign within minutes!


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