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From Cyprus with love: Our impressions on i-Con

From Cyprus with love: Our impressions on i-Con

Our impressions
In conclusion

As AWE Barcelona is rapidly approaching, we have something to share with our affiliates.

The i-Con conference took place for the first time this year, on June 29th-30th, and, of course, only some were able to quickly react and visit the event.

No worries: the Golden Goose team, represented by Olga Fetisova, the Head of Affiliate Relations, and Irina Abdulmanova, the Affiliate Team Lead, visited the conference to let you see it through our eyes. 

Here’s our short overview of i-Con 2023, so jump right in to read it!

Our impressions

The important thing that needs to be mentioned is that we weren’t aware of the conference for quite a bit. Luckily, we managed to visit the event nevertheless. We believe that not all market players have heard about the conference, so hopefully, there will be more participants next year. This time, there weren’t too many attendees. Plus, we were the only mVAS affiliate network out there.

In short, despite being held for the first time, the two-day i-Con conference was a huge success, and we really enjoyed our time there. Here comes the longer story:

The top-notch organization of the i-Con conference made everything run smoothly. No queues in front of the toilet or food zones, no rush – that’s just perfectly comfortable. The friendly atmosphere of the conference made our participation as enjoyable as possible.

There was enough space to properly network, no matter inside the building or outdoors, where you could enjoy the lounge zone.

We admire the conference organizers for fast online communication and more than decent Wi-Fi, allowing us to connect with more partners.

The i-Con conference has its own app, which is also super convenient. There, you could share a post about your participation and share your location. You would also get critical notifications through the app.

The Golden Goose team met some key partners of ours. We said hi to every ad network we work with, such as PropellerAds, Clickadu, and Trafficstars, and discussed mutual collaboration opportunities. Moreover, we made some excellent acquaintances with successful affiliates who have already launched their first campaigns and made a profit.

Both Business and Relax zones were evenly comfortable. Enjoying a glass of sparkling wine in our friends’ and partners’ circle was so lovely!

More and more companies pay close attention to their merch, and we are no exception. Many participants had awesome eye-catching merch at their booths.

We visited two parties held at the conference, although the number of participants was limited – the main one at the evening of the first day, sponsored by PropellerAds, and the closing party on the second day. Both were exciting and enjoyable due to their performative and entertaining nature. The parties were held at the beach, which added to the magical evening atmosphere.

On the event’s second day, conference attendees brought a flash mob: a DJ started playing music, and everyone joined the dance!

We’re generally more than satisfied with our time at the conference!

In conclusion

We’re sure the i-Con conference is not the last of its kind. With such tremendous success, we can confidently say that the event organizers did the most demanding job to make it happen.

See you next year, Cyprus! 

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