World Telemedia 2023 Heist: A Tale of How Golden Goose Stole the Event

World Telemedia 2023 Heist: A Tale of How Golden Goose Stole the Event

16 February 2024
~ 4 min

February of 2024 is a busy time for Golden Goose. At the end of the month, we’re visiting not one, not two, and not even three, but four affiliate events, including Telemedia 8.1 in Barcelona. In this report, we would like to remember how it was at the previous Telemedia, where our team was networking like a well-oiled machine.

Every year, every single year we do the same thing. We pay for going to the industry events, we pay for taking part in them, we pay for food and drinks, we pay for a chance to meet our friends and colleagues from all over the globe and so on. The Golden Goose gang says it’s enough! So, we went to Marbella for World Telemedia 2023 with an intention to get all we want and a little bit extra. Let’s check out our loot!




On October 9th–10th, Spanish Marbella held one of the most critical events in the VAS, content services, and mobile commerce markets, World Telemedia 2023. Indeed, no other event in the mVAS market can bring European, Latin American, African, and Asian advertisers in one place. Every year, Jarvis Todd and his team create fantastic opportunities for business development for every market participant, and Golden Goose wants to thank them for that.

Pre-party: Hijacked

It all started with a genius plan to steal the crowd’s attention even before everyone had gotten to the conference grounds. Having started our preparations months before, we devised a clever scheme, according to which we would use the World Telemedia’s far-reaching resources to advertise a first-day gathering of our own. All we had to do was to slap the WT23 logo onto our invitations and boom — done!

Thanks to our almost effortless efforts, we were able to muster all the leaders known in our industry without drawing too much attention from the authorities. Those clueless VIPs were having fun talks, munching on michelin-star snacks and dousing their throats with fancy booze, so we had no problem slithering around and planting crazy partnership ideas into their sub-consciousness. And they all thought it was just friendly networking, ha!

Conference: Pilfered

Alright, the main event is not the place to fool around. We had to act quickly and according to the plan — get in and get out. While everyone was strolling around the booths, our lockpicking expert went straight for the main prize, a special conversion-enhancing candy developed by a rival gang.

The contraption took a while to decode and unlock, but as you know, there’s nothing impossible for our team! After a couple of attempts, the puzzle was solved without triggering the alarm, and one of our accomplices snatched everything he could lay his hands on.

After our first success, we moved onward to having friendly business talks with the conference participants, to get everyone’s guard down, of course. But alas, this had only netted us a bunch of smiles. We took them anyway.

While we were doing our dirty business, we met another rival thieving duo and decided to take a picture together for the history. Little did they know, we also snatched all the goodies they had on them. Also, so amateurish of them to wear masks, everyone knows that hiding in plain sight is the best strategy.

Whoa! These shiny guys almost started a gang war when attempting to get their hands on our merch. Luckily, the amenable terms have been negotiated, and not a single drop of blood was spilled over it. We had to give up the merch, sadly. Who knew that we would have so much competition at World Telemedia 2023? But it’s better to keep a low profile.

World Telemedia 2023: Ransacked

Well, we may not be the best thieves in the world of affiliate marketing, but we certainly know our business when it comes to supplying the best converting mVAS offers to our partners. This World Telemedia was full of positive vibes and great people to meet, and the Golden Goose team made sure that everyone felt the same positive energy when dropping by our booth.

While this was a truly unforgettable experience, we are already drawing an elaborate plan of taking the next Telemedia by storm. So we can’t wait to see everyone in Barcelona on February 25-26.

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