Platform Update: New Offer Cards & Catalog

Platform Update: New Offer Cards & Catalog

30 December 2023
~ 6 min

The product team at Golden Goose is proud to present the biggest platform redesign to date. Launch campaigns easier than ever, filter all offers by 18 characteristics and sort your search results by 4 options.

This update reflects our dedication to providing a user-friendly experience and offering advanced customization options. Now you will have more data to work with and make well-informed decisions when launching your campaigns. This is a major UI overhaul with lots of changes to cover, so let’s dive into the details.

Offer Card Revamp

Meet our new offer card! It’s been redesigned from scratch, so you could get all the necessary information about an offer in one place.

Let’s go over the changes bit by bit. The first thing you might notice is that now offers have their names displayed at the top. This helps to navigate multiple cards and lets you memorize offers better.

The next important change that we added is the offer rating. Offers are rated based on their earning effectiveness in relation to other similar offers, i.e. offers sharing the same GEO and carrier. The best rating is 5 stars. A 5-star rating means that the offer performs better among other offers with the specified GEO and carrier combo.

In the “About Offer” section of the card, you will see a set of badges. These badges are assigned to different offers in line with their parameters.For example, top offers are the ones with the highest rating, and “GG verified” means that our team guarantees that this offer brings conversions, while the offers with the “New” badge have been added recently and you have an opportunity to monetize them first.

You might also come across an in-house offer marked with a corresponding badge. This means that this offer is connected directly to the carrier and Golden Goose acts as an advertiser for such an offer. Also be sure to look out for the “Exclusive” badge, as these offers bring extra benefits when launched at Golden Goose.

New offer cards are intended to highlight all the relevant information about an offer. The idea is to get rid of mistakes and questions during the campaign launch

Notable changes have been made to the offer’s payout rate info. It’s been moved to a separate window to the right and became more visible. You can also create a campaign and get your affiliate link by pressing the “Get Link” button in this window.

In case an offer has more than one earning model, there will be tabs you can freely switch between and get the link you need.

When it comes to the offer accessibility, such as its cap, schedule or public availability, you can quickly check all the necessary details below the payout rate window. Sometimes, offers can have a downtime schedule, maintenance time, or run out of their daily cap. Offers by request imply that you need to ask your manager to grant you personal access so that you could launch a campaign.

The general offer info has been expanded with additional points, such as the carrier billing type and trial period availability, complete with exhaustive tooltips.

The traffic requirements section has become clearer and more informative. Now it is much easier to avoid mistakes during your campaigns.

If you scroll further down, you will find a recommended traffic source section. We have completely changed the algorithms for our recommendations, so now only the most relevant ones are displayed. There are both recommended sources for those who use pre-landing pages and for those who prefer launching campaigns without them.

There are also some quality of life changes to the offer card that will help you navigate the Golden Goose platform easier. First of all, now you can share a link to the offer by clicking a special icon. 

We’ve also implemented breadcrumb navigation elements allowing you to quickly switch between different pages on the platform.

Another new feature is the similar offers section. When inside an offer card, you will see a selection of other offers sorted by their relevance to the current one in terms of GEO, carrier, language, etc.

New Catalog & Menu

In addition to the offer card, the catalog has also undergone a massive transformation. In the new version of the offer catalog, the product development team was inspired by e-commerce standards for convenient selection of offers for your campaigns. Here’s how it looks:

At the top you will find several quick sorting options, such as Featured, Best rating, Highest and lowest PO, and Newest. While most of the options are self-explanatory, let’s focus on Featured, which is a unique one.

The Featured option displays offers that are relevant to your profile as an affiliate. Remember the form you filled in during registration? Now this data is taken into account when showing you offers, so you can quickly jump in and start converting your traffic. More on the new registration form in our article.

We understand that it is impossible to create a product that meets the needs of all users equally, because every user is unique in their preferences, habits and experiences. That's why the Golden Goose platform aims to be flexible for each partner in order to streamline user experience and make monetizing mVAS offers easier.

Offer cards themselves became interactive, and hovering over them reveals more detailed information about an offer. From there, you can proceed to the offer card and launch your campaign.

To the right, you will see all the available filters and search options. There are 18 parameters in total you can mix and match to find offers for your specific needs. Besides the regular filters like GEO, carrier and payout rate, there are filters that utilize our newly-introduced features, such as badges and offer rating.

We have also reworked the main menu of the platform that used to be on the left-hand side.To free up some screen space, we decided to hide the menu under a “hamburger” button. You will have access to all the pages without cluttering the screen and enjoy some extra functionality.


With constant updates to the platform, Golden Goose aims to provide a best-in-class experience for affiliates working in the mVAS vertical. The success of a campaign depends on a multitude of factors, and our job is to not get in the way, but facilitate everything that leads to conversions. With Golden Goose, you can rest assured that your mVAS campaigns are going to turn a profit.

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