Case study: Our media buyer sold his soul to the devil to bring you THESE results

Case study: Our media buyer sold his soul to the devil to bring you THESE results

19 July 2023
~ 3 min

Kalimera, my dudes!

Today, we’re diving deep into the thrilling world of mobile subscriptions in the mesmerizing land of Greece!

The results of our test are awesome – we earned $666! Our media buyer had to exchange his soul for this amount of cash 😂

We’re joking, of course – the profit was $656, but who knows, who knows… The results are really tempting, and we’re sure you want to know the process behind the test.

Let’s understand the details of the offer run, shall we?


So, we ran the Greece Sweepstakes offer.

Take a look at the landing page first:

Simple and elegant

This time, we opted for as a traffic source and chose Push as our ad format.

Want to understand all the different ad formats out there? Then read our guide on all the ad formats used in mVAS affiliate marketing!

We took a Sweepstakes offer with Pin submit as its flow and quite a decent payout – $2.4.

Hurry up to check our article on everything you need to know about flow types!

This offer run brought us a shining ROI of more than 30%!

Key stats on the offer run

Affiliate network: Golden Goose Period: 20 days
GEO: Greece Revenue: $2750.40
Vertical: Mainstream Expenses: $2093.36
Category: Sweepstakes Profit: $656.08
Traffic source: ROI: 31.33%
Advertising format: Push CPA: $2.40
Flow: Pin submit CR: 3.57

We haven’t tested any European offers lately, so this intriguing case study is meant for those who specifically run mVAS offers on Europe.

Launching the campaign

Creativity is the key in mVAS affiliate marketing, and it’s a good idea to come up with some tricky angles to grab the user’s attention.

We decided to test this offer two ways: with and without a pre-landing page.

As there is a vast collection of pre-landers in the Golden Goose catalog, we took a ready-made one.

Take a look at this pre-landing page, which was meant to warm up the audience.

The gift boxes are clickable

Since we were running a Sweepstakes, we opted for Push notifications as our ad format. This is an efficient ad format which can bring you thousands of conversions.

We had three variations of the same Push where we changed the icon.

So finally, here’s the stats from Golden Goose:

And some stats from as well!

Summer’s best EU offers

Here are the best offers you can run this summer to get shiny CRs and ROIs! We are sure that offers on European Union countries can be as profitable as running traffic on, for example, South Africa, our most popular GEO.

Offer#1 Mainstream Download

GEO: France

Vertical: Mainstream

Category: Download

Flow type: Click2SMS

Payout: $0.80

Offer#2 Mainstream Other

GEO: Romania

Vertical: Mainstream

Category: Other

Flow type: IVR

Payout: $1.74

Offer#3 Mainstream Download

GEO: Portugal

Vertical: Mainstream

Category: Download

Flow type: PIN Submit

Payout: $1.20

Offer#4 Mainstream Games

GEO: Spain

Vertical: Mainstream

Category: Games

Flow type: 1Click

Payout: $8

An afterthought 

We had a brief tour revealing how fruitful Europe offers might be.

Don’t forget: GG doesn’t earn with our tests – we just want to show you the efficiency of our offers.

Antio sas, which means “bye” in Greek!

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