Interview with Ad Networks: Meet Vladislav Nikitin from ClickAdilla

Interview with Ad Networks: Meet Vladislav Nikitin from ClickAdilla

3 December 2021
~ 6 min

We continue our cycle of interviews with Ad Networks.

This time colleagues from ClickAdilla will share their vision of the mVAS market.

Vladislav Nikitin

ClickAdilla is an Innovative Self-Serve platform where you can acquire high quality traffic from exclusive sources.

CMO at ClickAdilla

  • 10+ years experience
  • Adult vertical pro
  • Video ads expert
  • Hi, thanks for agreeing to this interview. Tell us a little about yourself, the company, when did you start, how many people are in the team, some key milestones and achievements, etc.
  • Hello, and thank you for the invitation! My name is Vladislav Nikitin and I am the CMO at ClickAdilla and have been working here almost since the company was founded (2017).In 4 years more than 100 new employees have joined our team. The volume of traffic, the number of our Advertisers and Publishers has grown significantly. Now our Ad Network has 10 ad formats and 4.5 billion impressions per day from 240 GEOs.
  • What type of traffic do you offer and what do you think is the most popular? What geos do you currently have in your Ad Network?
  • Most of the traffic comes from Premium adult tubes and our Publishers’ sites. A list of premium sites can be found when setting up a campaign. Be sure to select an ad format before opening the list of sites.As for ad formats, the most popular are popunder, banners, push notifications and video pre-rolls. Traffic volume and minimum bid by country and format can be viewed in your personal account in the Traffic chart tab.For example, here is the TOP-10 GEOs in terms of traffic volume per day, popunder format:

    United States: 8 million impressions
    India:  7.69 million impressions
    Germany: 3.41 million impressions
    Russia: 2.5 million impressions
    Vietnam: 2.16 million impressions
    Japan: 2.1 million impressions
    Italy: 1.66 million impressions
    Brazil: 1.66 million impressions
    France: 1.65 million impressions
    Indonesia: 1.62 million impressions

Our platform has a Motion banner service that allows you to create a video from a photo and text in 5 minutes.

  • Tell us, if it’s not a secret, which verticals are the most popular in your network and for which of them do you think your traffic is most suitable?
  • Dating, webcams, sweepstakes, adult and casinos are the most popular offers among our Publishers. Also, quite a few are promoting adult games and offers with mobile subscriptions.
  • What is the share of mVAS offers among Advertisers now? Maybe you can share some numbers and volumes?
  • About 3% of all Publishers spend on offers of the mVAS category. For comparison, dating offers make up 25% of all spending. We have a base of mobile operators in all countries. In addition, the Publisher can use his own list of IP addresses for targeting.
  • If we talk about traffic that is in the greatest demand for mVAS offers, what are the main formats and which geo?
  • Our top GEOs would be USA, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Malaysia, Chile, Peru, Brazil and Colombia. As for the top formats, there are iOS calendar, Popunder, Web push, and to a lesser extent in-page push notifications.
  • Are there any restrictions when working with mVAS offers?
  • The same rules apply as for other offers. We do not have any special requirements for this vertical. The site being promoted must not contain prohibited content. All rules can be found on our website in the Help section for Advertisers.
  • Since our interview will be read by many novice Publishers, can you give some tips on how to properly start working in your grid in order to avoid the most common mistakes for beginners?
  • Among the most common reasons for a moderator to reject an ad is the presence of viruses, malware, and banally broken buttons on the site. I advise you to check.

Be sure to select an ad format before opening the list of sites.

  • One of the most popular formats for working with mVAS has always been Push and Pop traffic. Maybe there are any recommendations when launching campaigns on this type of traffic?
  • To run traffic from push notifications, I recommend targeting new users, i.e. those who signed up 1-2 days ago. For popunder, target unique users.And some general recommendations for pre-landing pages:1. Use a clear call to action: the buttons should be clear, and the description should be motivating to make the transition.

    2. The design of the page should be credible. Use quality pictures and text without grammatical errors.

    3. The creative must match the offer. Mislead will only cause negativity among users.

    4. Don’t forget about split testing. Change your call to action and creatives.

    5. Use trackers to analyze traffic.

    6. Site loading time should not exceed 2 seconds.

  • What advice would you give to a Publisher who has just registered in your network and wants to launch mVAS offers? Where to start and how to act in order not to lose the budget?
  • When launching a new offer, you need to be prepared for a lot of tests. Create blacklists for sites that are not converting. Above, I indicated the TOP countries that are currently bringing conversions. You can also always check with your account manager for up-to-date information. We are always ready to help with setting up campaign targets, postbacks and other questions.
  • As you probably know, mVAS offer Publishers have strict KPIs for traffic quality. How do you control the quality of traffic delivered by publishers to your network? 
  • We use an in-house anti-fraud system that allows us to keep the quality of traffic at a high level. To promote offers on mainstream sites, the Publisher must select the appropriate category when setting up a campaign. If you have any questions or problems with traffic, then our managers are always ready to help you figure it out.
  • Which ad formats do you think will become popular, and which ones, on the contrary, will become a thing of the past in 2022?
  • The good old popunder will remain the leader. This is the easiest format to launch a campaign, because no need to create creatives. Landing page is all you need to launch.It will be followed by video advertising of any format: in-stream, out-stream, banners. The popularity of videos is growing every year. Video creation has not been a problem for a long time. Nowadays, everyone can shoot high-quality video and edit the video directly on the phone. By the way, our platform has a Motion banner service that allows you to create a video from a photo and text in 5 minutes.But the iOS calendar is living out its last months. After Apple operating systems update, message delivery to users will become unavailable.

When launching a new offer, you need to be prepared for a lot of tests. Create blacklists for sites that are not converting.

  • In your opinion, the mVAS vertical will grow in your traffic next year, and perhaps you will be able to offer special solutions for it next year?
  • I see great potential in this vertical especially for launching in Latin America, Africa and Southeast Asia. Since these regions have the highest growth in mobile Internet users.
  • At the end of our interview, can we also make a top-up bonus for our blog readers?
  • Of course! Dear readers, enter the promo code  GGAGENCY. We will add 10% to the first top-up from $100.
  • Thank you for your time, it was nice talking to you!
  • Same for me! Thank you very much for the interview.

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