The European Summit 2021: Official part 

The European Summit 2021: Official part 

14 September 2021
~ 5 min

The TES Annual Conference has been very successful in uniting Internet marketing professionals for more than 10 years. Experienced professionals come from different points in the world to discuss trends in niche and cool projects in the field of traffic arbitration.

Founded by Andreas Bischoff in 2009, The European Summit is one of the top-rated and critically acclaimed chains of international conferences that bring together professionals from all over the world.

About Event



This event brings together top executives, entrepreneurs, and investors from the European tech and startup ecosystem to discuss the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities in the industry.

Once again, the conference took place at about the same days of September as usual. Precisely from September 9 to September 13 in the Czech Republic in Prague.

The European Summit 2021: How it was?

The prime intention of the creators and organizers of TES was to create a great networking experience for its attendees/delegates. They believe that developing and fostering excellent and productive interpersonal relationships in today’s high tech world is of supreme importance as the cornerstones of building successful networking and business.

Although the TES topics are more devoted to adult traffic, the conference covers all niches of affiliate marketing: from e-commerce to gamblings and forex. This creates a more tempting event to visit — each network and each webmaster can discover something interesting.

And also influencers from numerous other fields, all gathered under one roof for an intensive 3-day networking event.

Traditionally, the Vienna House Diplomat Hotel became the venue

The hotel accommodation in which the conference was directly conducted was one of the greatest benefits of the event, both for participants and for the organizers. For the entire duration of the conference, the hotel was entirely given to the participants.

The organizers followed the quarantine rules, each of the participants provided a PCR test or a passport of vaccination against COVID 19 and received a special pass.

Golden Goose expresses many thanks to Andreas and Walter, for the impeccable TES2021.

TES2021 Participants

The pandemic this year has made significant adjustments to the number of participants at the conference. Representatives of Asian countries did not attend the conference, which is about 30% of the total number of participants. There were practically no participants from Russia and the CIS.

This time Affiliate Marketing was more represented by Dating, WebCams and various Networks.

Among the mVAS verticals, there was only Golden Goose.

And of course, you can not call it a conference of Affiliate Marketing without the presence of the mega colorful and positive Captain of his team — Andy Wullmer and his Traffic Partner.

It is also worth noting the rich program of speeches by various speakers on current topics. There were 3 halls and tons of information from speakers.

The program of the first day — Meet market table was quite busy, it was on this day that there were participants who came only for 1 day.

However, the location of the meet market was changed to ground floor and this was not a very wise decision — the acoustics were terrible, the interlocutors had to shout to hear each other.

The second day was quite active, at the stands of the companies it was crowded in the first half of the day, during the second half the stream was noticeably sleeping and due to the fact that there were fewer people than usual for TES. It also indicates that the participants just began to perform.

The two-day`s program of performances was rich. 

The most interesting themes were prepared by the Blackhat team.

It is always nice to get good feedback from colleagues. 

TwinRed we love you Guys!

The third day, given the number of participants, seemed excessive and the program was clearly too long.

It seems to us that it was possible to make a conference of less than 3 days and the concentration of networking would go off scale in the first two days.


It’s hard to say that the affiliate marketing market returned 100% to normal after covid, but the very fact of holding a conference speaks volumes and is valuable in itself!

Here is what Andreas Bischoff, one of its founders, says about the conference:

«We did not expect to already host a «full blown show» in 2021. We expected Prague to become more of a «TES light» in 2021. So, we were very positively surprised to see that our conference in Prague in September 2021 already felt very much like a «normal show» during a «normal year».

Golden Goose Facts

  • Secure payment options and timely payouts
  • Top GEOs by volume: Nigeria, Indonesia, Russia
  • Partner support even in Chinese
  • 420,000+ campaigns launched

«We are also planning to host TES Affiliate Conferences in February 2022 and August 2022. Also we will be launching a new «mainstream, e-commerce» version of the TES Affiliate Conferences which will be called OnAdCo (Online Advertising Conference) in August 2022 in Prague. And, last but not least in November 2022 we will bring back «The Island Gathering» in Curacao, an event targeted to some 50-75 company owners and c-level attendees.»

Photo by Payout Magazine

More information about the participation of the Golden Goose team in TES2021 can be found in this post

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