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Interview of Servando Silva with the CEO of Golden Goose-DCB Hub

Interview of Servando Silva with the CEO of Golden Goose-DCB Hub

Interview of Servando Silva with the CEO of Golden Goose-DCB Hub

Golden Goose is a unique platform with a lot of features that you can not find anywhere else. Recently, it has become one of my favorite partner networks.

The platform has several new features: it is still easy to use and reliable, but it allows you to make more money. 

I interviewed Golden Goose CEO and asked him about the principles of work, the main differences from competitors, the structure and platform offers.

Good afternoon. Could you please tell us about the Golden Goose company?

Good afternoon, Servando! Thanks for the invitation. My name is Igor Kholin, I am the CEO of the Golden Goose company.

This is an international marketing platform that operates in the mVAS market. We have been offering mobile content all over the world for many years. At first, we worked as a content provider in the CIS countries, and since 2016, we have entered the global market and become a mobile performance network.

We have created a global ecosystem of mobile traffic monetization based on DCB (Direct Carrier Billing). It assists content providers, service providers, and mobile operators to interact with media buyers, webmasters, and advertisers. We have united all the key players in the mVAS market into one ecosystem and called it DCB HUB.

Have you been working in this market for a long time? And where is your office located?

We have been in the MVAs market for 16 years, so we understand how it works, what needs these businesses have, and this is our advantage over competitors.

Our headquarters are located in the USA, and we have a branch of Golden Goose Russia, which is operating in Moscow. It was the place where everything started 16 years ago, when we just founded the company.

Our company understands all the problems and difficulties that advertisers may face in this market, and we easily find a solution together, because we used to be in the same position. Previously, we created and promoted our mVAS services in Russia and the CIS. We also went through fraud, strict requirements for traffic quality and complex loyalty systems of mobile operators.

Now we are one of the largest partner networks in the international mVAS market, and we understand that the other side of the market is also experiencing difficulties. Therefore, we try to take into account both sides’ needs.

This is probably not relevant for the last year, but if we talk about the time before the pandemic and lockdown, would you like to go to Affiliate marketing conferences? Maybe you have some favorites among them?

My team and I love conferences very much, and we were regular participants in such events before the pandemic. Our favorites and most visited are Affiliate World Europe and Asia, TES, Affiliate Summit West and East, and the Moscow Affiliate Conference.

We believe that participation in these conferences provides not only networking and work opportunities, but also allows you to communicate with colleagues and relax.

 We also arrange parties all over the world ourselves.

Which verticals and conversion streams are the most relevant for GG, and why?

We have two verticals-Mainstream and Adult, and we monetize them equally well.

Our specialization is mVAS. We work with one-click and two-click streams. We have Pin-submits and premium SMS.

We chose mVAS because it is easy to use, suitable for a quick start. In addition, this market has a very wide target audience, potentially all subscribers of mobile operators, which means, almost the entire population of the planet.

There are no complex percentages and approvals in the mVAS system, there are no KPIs and legal prohibitions on geolocation, as it happens, for instance, in the cryptocurrency market.

Do you have offers for both desktop computers and mobile devices? Or are you focusing only on one direction?

Actually, we have both options, but we focus more on the mobile format (about 90%).

How does the Golden Goose platform differ from other similar services?

As I said before, our platform is based on the DCB HUB concept. As for me, this is our main difference from competitors and an advantage over them.

Due to the development of the Internet, no matter where the users are located: in South Africa, Argentina, or another country, they can equally visit any international resources and use various services.

The DCB HUB concept has contributed to the fact that there are no more borders in our market. For example, now the owner of an entertainment service from South Africa, which was created specifically for a local telecom operator, has access to the world market. So the business owner has easier ways to find his target audience.

At the same time, customers can avoid the process of looking for individual advertisers and contracting with them because it is our job now. 

We have developed a platform where there is a wide range of tools developed by the mVAS market. We are fighting fraud by ourselves using our own protection system. There is a built-in analytics on the platform, which, of course, also takes into account the specific aspects of our area. We also offer a free traffic tracker and many more different options.

Is your platform suitable only for individual offers, or SmartLink too? 

SmartLink is also there, and very good, but we prefer to work with separate offers. This approach dictates the specifics of the market as a whole. 

Tell me what’s best for media players now? Maybe you personally noticed some trends this year?  

Sweepstakes have been working well recently, especially for South Africa, North Africa and the Middle East.

What types of traffic do you use for your offers?

Usually, it is pop-up and push-traffic, pre-rolls and native. Sometimes, publishers attract traffic from social networks. It is better suited for pin-sabmits.

Advise something to newcomers who want to work with your platform.

Firstly, I’d say they wouldn’t be wrong if they chose us. I can assure you that mVAS is a good start if you want to work with arbitration traffic. We have many updated offers for beginners. They can be seen on our social networks. 

Bonus! We also have service analogues that are not available on the mVAS market, that we have just started to develop. The idea is that each participant can see average conversion rates and CR for each offer from popular advertising networks.

Analytical reports will appear on the platform soon, so that everything is transparent, simple and clear. For example, you can see which traffic segment is poorly running.

We are always happy to help beginners. So, our managers are working on the platform and ready to answer any questions.

Tell me more about the payment terms?

It’s simple. We are the only company on the market that pays every day, because we understand how important it is in this industry.

And, finally, tell me how to contact you? 

Golden Goose is easy to find. We are on Facebook, Linked In, on Stmformorum, Afflift, AffiliateFix and other platforms as well. 

If you need to contact our managers ASAP, there are contacts on Skype: ira_ira1055 or evgenia_larsson.

If you are a newcomer, you can register with the link.

Join us!

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