The new features of the Goose

The new features of the Goose

19 November 2021
~ 2 min

Goose welcomes you, Partner!

We live in a very dynamic period of time, new technologies come, time passes, and autumn gives way to winter. So we do not stand still.

We would like to tell you in detail about the latest changes in the interface of our platform that have occurred recently.

So let’s get started.

1. Changed the style of the page «list of Smart Link campaigns»

  • Added hints-descriptions of available types Sensitive and Any Traffic;
  • The list of campaigns has become general;
  • Added a column with the type of campaign;
  • Fixed the problem that when creating campaigns of one type, the block for creating others was no longer visible on the first spread.

2. Added FLOW description to the landing page card

Now in the card of each landing page there is a tab «Flow description».

We are working to ensure that each Landing Page has a personal video of how the conversion takes place. If it is not there, we post for you a schematic visualization of the FLOW landing page.

3. In the profile header next to the «Your manager» block, the languages in which your personal manager can communicate are displayed

4. In the campaign wizard, at the second step of setting up a campaign, the selection of pre-landing pages has been changed. Now, at this stage, you can see pre-landing directories suitable for all settings

Also in the campaign wizard there is a button «Upload your own pre-landing»

5. The URL for receiving traffic for the campaign has been improved

Now you can drive traffic not only to basic view —, but also with an identifier GET —

In Conclusion

We hope that these features will be useful to you, convenient and you will appreciate the new functionality of the platform. We will continue to inform you about all the innovations.

Good luck with your work and may the Goose be with you!

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