Russian mobile operators’ service quality rating

Russian mobile operators’ service quality rating

27 September 2021
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MegaFon is in first place in terms of service quality among all Russian telecom operators.

Data on the customer experience of Russian mobile operators’ users for the period from February 1 to May 1, 2021, has been published. According to the results of the study, MegaFon was the best of all.


Mobile operator MegaFon overtook competitors in three different categories, and was on the first line of the rating.

According to the results of the study, MegaFon users are more satisfied with the quality and convenience of watching videos than others. Last year, the operator shared first place with Tele2 in this category, but MegaFon outperformed its competitor by 2.7 points this year.

MegaFon also increased the average data transfer rate by 1.3 Mbit/s (+19.4%), overtook Beeline, and is now ahead in this category. The report demonstrates that the operator’s users are satisfied with the speed of data transfer and downloads provided by MegaFon.

In the category of 4G/LTE network availability, MegaFon also showed good results: its indicator has grown from 80.9% to 83.9%, but it has not yet managed to get ahead of Tele2.

As for network coverage, MegaFon takes only the second place after the leader in this category — MTS.


According to the report’s results, the mobile operator Tele2 shares the second place with MTS.

The Tele2 indicator in the video playback quality category increased by 1.1 points compared to last year’s results, and the operator shared second place with MTS.

The average data transfer rate according to user reviews from Tele2 is not very high, at only 6.3 Mbit/s, but this is already 0.5 Mbit / s more than last year.

According to the speed of DL and UL, Tele2 loses not only to the leader of the rating — MegaFon, but also to other operators-MTS and Beeline.

According to the level of network coverage, the Tele2 operator also came in last place this year.


As mentioned above, this year MTS shares the second place in the rating with Tele2 in terms of the number of wins.

This year, the MTS user experience has grown to 65-75 (which means «very good»), and has caught up with MegaFon and Tele2.

MTS managed to improve the indicators in the gaming categories (Games Experience) by 15.3 points (39.3%) and in the Voice App Experience category by 5.3 points (7.2%). As a result, MTS is now along with Tele2, which was the leader in these categories last year.

MTS has a small increase in data transfer speed, but still it has only increased by 0.8 Mbit/s, and now it is 6.8 Mbit/s, according to this year’s indicators.

Network coverage is an indicator by which MTS has completely bypassed all competitors.


This year, Beeline was the very last in the rating by all indicators, but at the same time the level of the operator’s user experience is still at the «good» level.

The operator managed to increase the average data transfer rate by 0.4 Mbit/s (+5.5%), and take the second place in terms of UL speed. However, this year, MegaFon was faster in this respect.

The report’s outcome

  • MegaFon shows better results than competitors in general.
  • MTS and Tele2 are on the same level in different indicators: MTS has more coverage, and Tele2 has a higher network availability indicator.
  • Beeline, as a result, is in last place, but in some categories it has quite high indicators. If we talk about the speed of data loading, only MegaFon beat the operator.

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