Happy Birthday Golden Goose

Happy Birthday Golden Goose

25 November 2021
~ 5 min

Dear Friends!

We want to share our joy and tell you about the main event in the life of our company — Golden Goose celebrated its fifth anniversary!

During this, on the one hand, a short period, on the other hand, as long as life itself, we have gone from a small successful team from Russia and the CIS to the generally recognized  international leader of the mVAS market.

Thank you all for the congratulations, there were a lot of them! Indeed, today more than 25,000 Publishers and 500 Advertisers from all over the world are working with us! But we are still, like on the first day of our work, happy to have new friends, because only together we can make the mVAS market better and more profitable. Welcome under the wing of the powerful company!

But that’s not all! Traditionally we have Golden Goose Birthday in fabulous places!

Over the past 5 years, the Golden Goose team celebrated their birthday in sunny Cyprus, had a great time in the Portuguese city of Lisbon at the Munich Oktoberfest in Germany. Even the pandemic did not prevent us from celebrating our last birthday in Altay in the Russian Federation.

This year we have chosen to celebrate the friendly and hospitable Armenia and its capital Yerevan. We are happy to share a short photo report and a story about our trip and impressions.

So, let’s roll!

Not much is not enough, but we had 4 whole days at our disposal to get to know the country and its sights.

Day 1

According to one of the legends, Noah’s Ark moored to Mount Ararat during the flood. When the waters subsided, Noah came down from the mountain and began to live in the valley. The biblical patriarch, who was then six hundred years old, and his sons planted vineyards at the foot of Mount Ararat. It is believed that humankind learned the taste of wine when Noah first tasted the gift of the Ararat vine.

Therefore, our first stop after landing in Armenia was the famous Ararat cognac factory. Where we were able to taste the legendary drink and tune in to the right wave before celebrating the company’s birthday.

Day 2

The entire Goose team went to Garny — an ancient temple of the 1st century AD, rebuilt from the ruins in the 20th century. Garny Temple is one of the witnesses of the centuries-old pre-Christian pagan culture of Armenia. Also of great historical interest are such buildings located on the fortress’s territory as the Armenian kings’ summer residence, a bathhouse dating from the 3rd century, and the ruins of a Christian temple of the 7th century. Garny Temple is the only surviving pagan temple in the post-Soviet space. Video from the scene is here.

Next, we were waiting for descent by off-road vehicles into a mountain gorge and a place called the Symphony of Stones. In the Garny gorge, as a result of geological processes, a stunning symmetrical natural monument has emerged, which is also called the «Symphony of Stones» or «Basalt Organ.» The surprisingly regular shapes of the basalt columns are eye-catching and delightful. A mesmerizing sight, we were amazed.

After walking around historical places, we stopped for a bite to eat, but the Golden Goose team had a good time here.
The hospitable hosts gave us a master class on cooking Dolma — grape leaves stuffed with meat, a traditional festive dish in Armenia, and also taught us how to bake lavash — a conventional Armenian bread.

Day 3

The second day of celebration flowed smoothly into the morning of the third day. Without slowing down the gained momentum, the Geese go to another historical and beautiful place — Lake Sevan — the “Blue-Eyed Pearl” of Armenia.
The lake is the second-largest alpine lake in the world and the largest freshwater reserve in Armenia.

Next, we were expected to visit a cheese dairy — «Mikaelyans Fram».

Many countries produce high quality cheeses and Armenia is no exception.

Having tasted enough, we go to the final gathering point on this last day of rest in the country — the Tsaghkunk restaurant.
Unmatched food and drinks, hospitality, and a celebration in honor of our beloved company awaited us.

Day 4

Our team had a great 4 days in Armenia and celebrated the company’s birthday on a grand scale.
But even on the last day, we spent the few hours before the flight with benefit.
We had a trip to the Armenia Vine winery with a beautiful viewpoint of Mount Ararat and the vineyards of the enterprise.
The employees held a master class on wine tasting, showed how to distinguish between bottles, choose glasses for different types of wine, and, most importantly, understand the subtleties of aroma and taste of wines.

We want to express our deep gratitude to the Armenian people for their incomparable hospitality. We know about it firsthand and can talk for a long time.
We want to revisit this country, but Geese are constantly experimenting, and next year, we will be reporting from new unique places.

In Conclusion

Happy Birthday Beloved company, Happy Birthday Generous Goose!

P.S: yes, we forgot to say that we will launch an Action with Top prizes soon.

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