Interview with Ad Networks: Meet Leo from PushHouse

We continue to share the opinion of our Colleagues and Partners about the mVAS market


1) Hi, thanks for agreeing to this interview.
Tell us a little about yourself, the company, when did you start, how many people are in the team, some key milestones and achievements, etc.


I am Leo (Telegram) and I am the owner of the project.

Our team was founded back in the distant days of 2010, all the people from our team have been engaged in traffic since the days when arbitrage was just in its infancy and the very concept of traffic was not known to anyone. We have assembled a team of people who have devoted all their time to Internet activities, which is why our projects are so successful. was born in 2018. There are 25 people working on the project, all with many years of experience and an ideal understanding of the market and tasks.


2) What type of traffic do you offer and what do you think is the most popular? What GEOs are currently in your ad network?

The main and most popular format at the moment is classic push notifications. There are also inpage push and ios push formats, but they are not so popular yet, since these formats have been launched recently, but I dare say they are already gaining momentum.
We work with all GEOs. The volumes of software can be viewed here:

3) Tell us, if it’s not a secret, which verticals are the most popular in your network and for which of them do you think your traffic is most suitable?

The most common verticals in push notifications are: Gambling, Dating, Nutra, Finance, Sweepstakes and Cryto. According to our observations, I can say that almost all verticals are used.


4) What is the share of mVAS offers among advertisers now? Maybe you can share some numbers and volumes?

It is hard to say! There is no way to trace it. But purely according to observations for the entire time of the network operation, we can say that about 30%.

There are a lot of mobile offers pouring in, calls, mobile subscriptions — this is perhaps the most popular thing in recent years.


5) If we talk about traffic that is in the greatest demand for mVAS offers, what are the main formats and which geo?

Almost all GEOs. Among the more top ones, RU, ZA, BY, GR, UA, EG, BR, PL, PT, PH, ID can be distinguished. The main format is classic Push notifications.


6) Are there any restrictions when working with mVAS offers?

In general, there are no restrictions. The main limitations apply only to the part of creatives. In our ad network policies and in the faq section, we have described what is prohibited from advertising and what restrictions apply to creatives.


7) What advice would you give to a webmaster who has just registered in your network and wants to launch mVAS offers? Where to start and how to act in order not to lose the budget?

It is advisable that before you start working with such a format as Push notifications and mVAS offers, you need to look for cases and articles. There’s a lot of information in the video format about these offers and advertising format too.


8. As you probably know, mVAS offer Advertisers have strict KPIs for traffic quality. How do you control the quality of traffic delivered by Publishers to your Ad Network?

Since traffic comes from our database, which is formed through our affiliate program, we have all the tools to fight low-quality traffic. Of course, we will not reveal how we fight unscrupulous webmasters.


9) Which ad formats do you think will become popular, and which ones, on the contrary, will become a thing of the past in 2022?

It is hard to say. Perhaps nothing will change


10) In your opinion, the mVAS vertical will grow in your traffic next year, and perhaps you will be able to offer special solutions for it next year?

Again, according to observations, I can say that there is growth and it continues, so it is possible that the growth of the mVAS vertical will continue in the next year.


11) At the end of our interview, can we also make a replenishment bonus for the readers of our blog?

Yes with pleasure!

We will provide your readers with a bonus of 10% of the amount of the first replenishment to the balance of the advertising cabinet using the promo code GGAGENCY10


12) Thank you for your time, we were glad to talk to you.

Thank you, mutual!

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