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A new joint project of Fortumo and Robi will provide new opportunities for accepting payments in Bangladesh

 The mobile technology platform Fortumo launched a new project with Bangladeshi operator Robi Axiata. Companies and individual entrepreneurs connected to Fortumo are now allowed to receive payments from over 52 million Robi as well as Airtel users through DCB (direct carrier billing).


Through a single connection, Fortumo’s Unified SDK connects merchants to Robi and a network of hundreds of telcos and 30+ digital wallets. Unified SDK checkout flows are hosted and localized on Fortumo’s platform, making it simple and scalable for businesses to offer local payment options throughout the globe.


According to statistics, only 0.2% of the Bangladeshi population own credit cards, while 41% own smartphones. This is a significant problem for business owners as many subscribers can get access to services, but at the same time, there is no available payment method to get premium content. Carrier billing overcomes the problem by enabling users to make payments to their phone bill instead of their credit cards.


Robi Axiata Ltd representatives said that client growth of digital services has increased in Bangladesh, but one of the main roadblocks is the payment method. It will become much simpler to enable payments with partners like Fortumo and carrier billing, which will help us improve service for our clients. 


Moreover, Fortumo representatives added in his statement that in expanding areas, retailers can achieve rapid revenue growth through the introduction of local payment alternatives. Our goal at Fortumo is to make it as easy as possible for retailers to use these potentially complex payment methods.

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